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Companies today are energetically searching for productive courses for dealing with their back-office operations for them to have the capacity to concentrate on their core business capacities.

Our back-office services are composed in an approach to diminish any pointless authoritative weight from our customers' shoulders. Our extensive and adaptable back-office administrations are intended to improve the complexities of these capacities. Our customer concentrated, exceedingly adaptable arrangements help streamline work processes, guarantee correctness, and maximize the overall efficiency.

  • Payroll processing

    Payroll processing

    Our resources are highly trained so as to handle your payroll processing enabling process continuity and knows your payroll process
  • Taxes and invoicing

    Taxes and invoicing

    Running your business with clear and accurate invoices improves the ability to efficiently collect on the work you’ve performed. It
  • Time-sheet management

    Time-sheet management

    Time-sheet data flows smoothly into billing categories in your accounting system. with the help of this integrated time-sheets system you
  • HR Management

    HR Management

    HR Management involves from hiring to sort out important function of the organisation taking care of productivity of employee and
  • On-boarding


    Spacebar follows a very well etched process to ensure that all paperwork for the pay rolling candidate is completed on
  • BGC


    Spacebar provides the range of background check process that makes perfect apt to the divergent and challenging requirements of your
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