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Contingent Workforce Advisory Services are indispensable to discover the best approach to withstand and deal with your contingent workforce, and furthermore to spare your business from dangers of improper classification and co-employment which are challenges while managing Contingent Workforce.

We offer a unique combination of skills that are mere possible and the kind of resources and processes which makes us different from our competitors.

  • Optimizing req to check process

    Optimizing req to check process

    Spacebar’s Contingent Workforce Advisory Services help determining the best retain and management control over the contingent workforce, as well as
  • Contingent talent sourcing strategies

    Contingent talent sourcing strategies

    The strategies and evaluation criteria for different domains vary, which is then included/modified as additional steps in the assessment of
  • Interview and Engagement Process

    Interview and Engagement Process

    We engage with hundreds of candidates on a headhunting model to further augment the latent resource base for the customer account…
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